Welcome to the site Checkers-Game !

This site, dedicated to the checkers, is made to allow you to find opponents and to play online with them for free.

2 rules are proposed, the international game one and the standard US checkers one. You can freely choose one rule or the other and play in 2 game rooms.

To enter into a game room, you have to be registered. When registering, you choose a pseudo which will identify you and will remain only yours afterwards. For this purpose, go on the page registration.

Points are awarded for every played game : a bonus of 2 points (+2) for the winner and a penalty of 1 point (-1) for the loser. The draw can be asked, and if it is accepted a bonus of 1 point (+1) is awarded to every opponent.

Warning : if you leave a current game you are considered as the loser, your opponent is the winner and the points are awarded in the same way.

You can find at your disposal, on the site, an history of your games, and the ranking of all the players.

Follow the news displayed lower on this page and feel free to consult the help page.


  • Time limit in every turn of the gameOn Saturday 31st May 2014

    When you invite a player for a game, you can now choose a limit time for every move. When he receives your invitation, the opponent is informed about it.

    During the round, the remaining time is displayed up on the right of the window in every turn of the game. When the limit time is nearly reached, a bubble displays next to the remaining time to warn you.

    Next to every player name, a red indicator shows how many turns have been passed. When a player passes three turns, he loses the round.

    It will allow a better assessment of the really won rounds. So the display of the history of your rounds, with the balance of your points, will be very soon restored.

    A general ranking of the players will be soon proposed to you.

  • Reporting of undesirable playersOn Saturday 15th February 2014

    A "Report player" button has been added in the game interface. It allows you to mark a player as undesirable in relation to his words or actions into the game.

    If a player has been reported as undesirable a number of times by a number of different people and in a short period, it will be automatically excluded (but I cannot give you exact figures, as you can understand)

    But be careful though, do not abuse of this. If you report forty times the same person in the same day, it's useless. And if you report too many people it can be suspect also...

  • Moving the piecesOn Tuesday 11th June 2013

    Now it's possible to play by simply "sliding" the pieces on the checkerboard.

    When several pieces can be captured, you must keep the button of your mouse pushed and "switch off" the squares one after one all along the route.

    This new way of playing is not available on cellulars and tablets yet, but this is under consideration!

  • Mobile versionOn Saturday 18th May 2013

    A version suited for cellulars and tablets is now available.

    You can see the note "mobile version" under the logo to make sure you're using this version.

    The world is mobile, so let's have checkers rounds again and again, and anywhere!

  • The site on FacebookOn Thursday 9th May 2013

    Visit the Facebook page of the site to discover all the reactions, to leave your comments and to ask all your questions.

    Do not hesitate to ask your friends in this page, and of course to click on the Like button!

    Visit the Facebook page of the site

  • Dialog between playersOn Wednesday 8th May 2013

    Now you can chat with your oppponent during a round. You can find a "Dialog" box and a field to input your messages, at the right of the checkerboard.

    Enjoy it and stay courteous!

    But if your opponent does not speak your language, the automatic translation is not offered yet! ;-)

  • The site available in 3 languagesOn Tuesday 7th May 2013

    A new version of the site has been created for english-speaking and spanish-speaking players.

    Then be ready to meet players from the whole world!

    The checkers has no border :-)